SFD offers safety tips as temperatures begin to drop

SFD offers safety tips as temperatures begin to drop

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - This week the Shreveport Fire Department has been responding to many house and apartment fires across the city.

As temperatures continue to drop they are urging families to stay safe and have a plan.

“Make sure that if that smoke alarm sounds that you have a plan for you and your family to escape and go to one safe meeting place," said Fire Prevention Officer Derrick Harris.

Harris says from October to February is when the department responds to more fires in the city. Many of those fires are started in the kitchen. People end up leaving their food unattended which can start a fire.

Harris says space heaters also cause many house fires within the city as well.

“It’s recommended that nothing should be around that space heater within three feet,” he said. “It should be designated as a no play zone or no pet area that way you don’t have to worry about burns.”

Harris says people should keep drapes or anything flammable or combustible away from space heaters too. The department also sees a lot of electrical fires due to overloaded circuits.

“If you begin to plug an appliance in and you begin to see the lights flicker, a tripper breaks or you see a fuse blown, that’s a sign that you may have an electrical problem,” he said. "At that point (you) need to get someone that's licensed to come and check that out."

Smoke detectors are something the department constantly stresses that families should have. Harris says families that are able to survive a house fire were notified in time to get out thanks to a smoke alarm.

On Saturday, November 16th the department will be installing smoke alarms in homes throughout the Queensborough and Mooretown neighborhoods. SFD’s goal is to have over 2,500 smoke alarms installed in homes across the city by the end of the year.

If you live in Shreveport and would like a free smoke detector installed in your home you can contact SPD at (318) 673-6650.

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