Harrison County to unveil stunning military exhibit

Harrison County to unveil stunning military exhibit
Harrison County Historical Museum's new military exhibit is set to open to the public this Saturday at 10 a.m. (Source: Christian Piekos)

HARRISON COUNTY, Texas (KSLA) — Harrison County Historical Museum is taking East Texas to the front lines of military conflicts through history.

The grand opening will be Saturday, Nov. 9, at 10 a.m. at Memorial City Hall.

“I think we need to spend more time realizing what a sacrifice truly is and truly was,” said Becky Palmer, executive director of the Harrison County Historical Museum. “I have deep roots in East Texas, we go back four or five generations here.”

The $500,000 exhibit is packed with letters, weapons, uniforms and pictures - all from Harrison County veterans.

“This is a way for our museum to honor the men and women who served the county well,” said Palmer. “Some, even giving their lives.”

The exhibit doesn’t take guests from conflict-to-conflict. Rather, it shares in-depth stories of veterans’ service in different theaters of wars.

“There are a lot of people exhibited in this museum that I know personally, people I’ve known since I was a little girl,” Palmer said. “I grew up, I went to their funerals, I know their children and grandchildren...It’s just like family when I walk in here.”

Guests can even add their family’s servicemen to the museums online database at a computer kiosk outside the entrance.

Palmer hopes families who come through the exhibit come to learn, respect and appreciate the rich military history of Harrison County.

“I want people to take away a sense of sacrifice that people have made and are making now to keep us free,” Palmer said.

The grand opening this weekend in free to active duty military personnel and veterans. The public has to make a donation to be admitted.

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