Rock the vote rally

Rock the vote rally

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - A number of political groups in Shreveport have come together to reach out to millennials and get them to be a part of the election process.

Candace Baptist the director of the Power of Coalition for Equity (PCEJ) and Justice Quinten Aught the co-founder of BLOOM spoke to Dominique Benn on how they plan to get millennials to go out and vote. Baptist and Aught believe many people don’t go vote because they aren’t educated on how to vote.

Candace says every year counts and that it is important for people to vote not just on presidential election years.

“We know that if we can go ahead and get you involved in your very first election and get you to see there are no off years we can have you become a power voter or a chronic voter," Baptist said.

Her organization educated voters on what to expect and what are they actually voting for when they arrive. She says they also offer free rides to guarantee voters go out and vote.


Co-founder of BLOOM and youth community organizer Quinton Aught will have a Rock the Vote Rally. The event is a chance for younger people to understand the importance of voting.

Aught believes the voter shortage comes from millennials.

“I feel as if the younger and older millennials want to have a seat at the table. And that’s something we have to change within our city and state, Aught said.”

Rock the Vote rally will be this Friday, November, 8 from 12 p.m. until 2 p.m and will be held downtown at their office hub, 331 Milam Street. The event will have free food, music and is open to all age groups.

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