20th anniversary Red, White, and Blue Festival honors veterans

20th anniversary Red, White, and Blue Festival honors veterans
Patriotism came in all sizes at today's Red, White and Blue Festival. (Source: KLTV)

BULLARD, Texas (KLTV) - Saturday, the City of Bullard celebrated veterans during their 20th anniversary Red, White and Blue festival.

The day consisted of a veteran’s breakfast, parade, festival, vendor booths, and a concert.

“It’s like small-town America and that patriotic spirit is so alive,” said Bullard Mayor, Pam Frederick. “We try to make sure that military veterans are honored at every turn, but to give them a special day and a special event...to say hey you’re appreciated and say we know what you’ve done for us and we just want to give you this tribute; I think that’s why its important.”

Jim Snow, one of the event planners and a veteran with 27 years of service said events like Saturday’s are important for the community.

“When you get the community more involved, they understand what it is and there’s a greater support between each other,” said Snow. “Let’s face it, they’re part of the community. A way you can work together, you can become more adjoined and build more economic development, you can do all kinds of things and that’s the way to do it.”

One very familiar veteran attended today’s event and said it’s nothing short of inspiring.

“It really just accentuates the fact that I am the most fortunate member of Congress,” said Louie Gohmert. “435 members of Congress but I get to represent East Texas; where you have this kind of patriotism and love of country and love of each other. It’s just so uplifting.”

Snow said Saturday’s event is the beginning of a week full of veterans’ events and comradery in East Texas, in preparation for Veterans Day.

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