KSLA Salutes: Veteran uses vlog to spotlight local musical artists

“I want to turn this into one of the biggest brands in the world — not just Shreveport. I want to go worldwide”

Takeover TV: Air Force veteran working to turn his vlogging hobby into a full-time gig

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — An ArkLaTex Air Force veteran is working to turn his vlog into a full-time gig.

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, Jeff Pellum is setting up for his next interview. He begins speaking with a local music artist. Their chat soon will end up on his vlog Takeover TV.

For those who may not know, vlog stands for video blog. Vlogs can be uploaded to sites such as YouTube or personal sites.

“I went from doing podcasts then to doing video interviews," Pellum explained. “And there was no full range plan; I just kind of went as it went, you know.”

“Oct. 11, 2016, that’s when me and my brother launched the takeover podcast show, and that’s when Takeover was born," Pellum said.

A podcast about sports soon led Pellum to the world of entertainment news. Over the next three years, he began building his vlog, his brand and his followers.

“I started transitioning from sports to getting into the music scene and trying to help all these different artists. Once I went that route, I never really went back to sports.”

But this new journey in Pellum’s life was something he wasn’t necessarily expecting.

“I fell into it. When I retired from the military, I had no plans of doing a podcast or being in the entertainment field. Sometimes you just fall into stuff.”

In fact, that’s how he got into the Air Force.

“The Army and the Air Force (centers) were right next to each other. So the Army recruiter was on a lunch break," Pellum recalled. “And so while I was sitting out there, the Air Force recruiter came by and was like ‘You waiting for him?’ And I was like, yeah, and he was like, ‘Man, come into my office; you can wait in here’."

But things weren’t going the way Pellum anticipated after he joined the Air Force.

“I don’t know, I think, I think I got bamboozled by the recruiter. He said I was going to be an X-ray technician; (and) that didn’t work out. And next thing you know, I’m in services.”

That means Pellum was working in lodging or the fitness center.

Or he was cooking.

“I started out being on the front grill where everybody’s looking at you and everything," Pellum said. "I was like ‘Oh, goodness, I do not like this.’

"And then I ended up transitioning to what we call a storeroom job, where you (are) ordering all the food and you’re keeping inventory.”

Four years soon turned into 20, and Pellum began to enjoy his time in the Air Force.

“Anytime you start anything new, you got to give it that little grace period and let things settle in. So I started settling into my job,” he said.

“I started getting good at it. And I had a lot of really good co-workers. So it made the transition a whole lot easier. And I don’t regret any of it.”

After retiring in 2016, Pellum took the skills he gained from the Air Force and used them to help musical artists in his community.

“A lot of these guys, they do need a spotlight. But, unfortunately in most cases, if you’re not a big name or anything like that, those opportunities are very slim for them.

"So with me offering my platform to them, it might not go all over the world but at least it will go somewhere.”

As Pellum works hard to build his brand and help others, he’s hopeful that Takeover TV soon will take over the globe.

“I want to turn this into one of the biggest brands in the world — not just Shreveport. I want to go worldwide.”

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