Internal SPD poll shows most officers support bond issue

Police chief says his internal poll shows most officers support bond proposals

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — A recent internal poll of Shreveport police officers shows overwhelming support for the city’s $186 million bond proposal package.

2019 SPD Bond Survey Results
2019 SPD Bond Survey Results (Source: City of Shreveport)

Officers voted anonymously via an electronic ballot that was sent to their emails by Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond. Nearly 71 percent of the 336 officers who responded support the bond proposal.

Internal poll released by SPD

On the ballot Nov. 16 will be propositions that include funding to improve police facilities, namely $20 million to construct a central police headquarters.

These poll results are in contrast to comments made by Shreveport Police Officers Association President Michael Carter.

Carter said that the police union would actively oppose the three bond proposals and that the Police Department’s internal survey "is not valid nor reliable.”

And the police union released the following statement Thursday afternoon:

“The Shreveport Police Officers Association unanimously voted at a regular meeting that it would not support the capital outlay bond proposal. After the results of this vote were made public, Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond began a campaign and actions which attempt to undermine and distort the union’s vote. SPOA has grave concerns regarding the integrity and lack of validity of the poll conducted by Chief Raymond. These concerns were raised to Mayor Perkins on October 25, 2019. Despite these concerns, the City still released the results of this poll conducted through google forms.
"According to the help section at google forms, it is impossible to have an anonymous survey that prevents duplicate answers. Therefore, SPOA has sent a public records request to the City of Shreveport seeking information regarding the poll. Under Louisiana, the City has until November 7, 2019 to respond to this public records request.
"In addition to the legitimate vote taken by SPOA during its regular meeting, SPOA officers have received numerous complaints from its members regarding Chief Raymond and the City pushing this bond while doing nothing to take care of its officers finances. SPOA members have made it clear that the bond proposal is against their wishes and not in their best interest. As a union, SPOA is obligated to protect its members’ interests and ensure that the citizens of Shreveport understand their concerns.”
— Michael E. Carter, Ph.D. president, SPOA

On Friday, Shreveport Firefighters Local 514 issued the following statement:

"Today, Fire Chief Scott Wolverton announced the Shreveport Professional Firefighter Association (Local 514), is encouraging citizens of Shreveport to support each of the three 2019 General Election Bond propositions. The Local 514 is convinced that the vitality of the City of Shreveport hinges on ALL three propositions being passed. Therefore, the Local 514 will commit a financial investment towards advertisement for the successful passing of the three Bond propositions to make Shreveport a better place to live, visit, and work.
“'The Local 514 has always walked the talk when it comes to supporting better service for our citizens along with better equipment and training for our firefighters. Fire Administration and the Shreveport Professional Firefighters Association have the perfect relationship when supporting a better Shreveport. Thanks Local 514!!!' said Fire Chief Scott Wolverton."
— Shreveport Fire Department


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