Bad weather impacts 2019 State Fair’s first week

Good news for State Fair of Louisiana is rain's moving out, but ...

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Some events live or die with the weather.

Case in point, the Louisiana State Fair, which is underway in Shreveport.

But seemingly every year, rain or shine, the State Fair’s management is able to keep up impressive numbers for revenue and attendance.

By some estimates, more than 400,000 visitors will head to the State Fair if conditions are right. And by conditions, we mean decent weather.

But the rain closure Wednesday is the second of this year’s State Fair.

“It’s very expensive to open the gates of this fair. And, of course, we base that decision on what we get on local news,” Russell Adams, the State Fair’s marketing manager, said in explaining the State Fair’s rainout policy.

“I have a little bit of good news and little bit of bad news," said Andrew Brightman, a meteorologist with the KSLA First Alert Weather Team,

“The good news is rain’s going to be moving out,” he explained Wednesday. "Starting tomorrow, no more rain threat the rest of the week. Through the weekend; we’re fine.

"The bad news is going to be getting unseasonably cold across the ArkLaTex.”

High temperatures will be 20-25 degrees colder than normal, possibly in the 50s.

After two rainouts already this season, you might think some are beginning to worry about the State Fair.

But others like longtime food vendor Richard Wampler said they’re not too concerned just yet.

"I think it makes it up tomorrow. You know, they just, they'll be busier tomorrow, is what it usually does."

Wampler, owner of the Boss Hogs food stand, used Wednesday to get all his prep work finished on what is his final fair of the season.

Noth everything at the State Fair was shut down Wednesday.

Inside the livestock area, plenty of people came to see the Junior Livestock Sale; just one more reason so many people visit the fair each year.

Officials have told KSLA News 12 that if the fair can gross $2.5 million by the time all the expenses are paid, they can typically clear $1 million.

And that money helps pay for the budget and operations at the Louisiana State Fair Grounds in Shreveport.

Adams said that in slow years, when they cannot reach their financial goals, they might have to use funds from their savings account.

The State Fair reopens Thursday and is scheduled to continue through Nov. 10.

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