CPSO offers safety tips for children this Halloween

Halloween safety tips

CADDO PARISH, La. (KSLA) - On Thursday night neighborhoods across the ArkLaTex will be full of kids in costumes enjoying Halloween — but the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office wants to make sure kids are safe this year.

Lt. Alan Davidson with community programs urges drivers to make sure they are driving slowly on Halloween night.

“We just put out the word that hey when you’re in the neighborhood driving, slow down,” he said. “Take the extra minute to be careful, especially during the hours that the people will be out and the kids will be out.”

When it comes to costumes try face paint instead of masks so that children can see.

“You got (kids) in costumes that can’t see,” Davidson said. “Their eyes might be a little covered in some way or another so they’re not 100 percent.”

Parents can add reflective tape to their child’s costume or bags so that others can see them, and can give their children flashlights so that they can see where they are going once it gets dark.

Staying safe on Halloween

Davidson also suggests children stay near parents and allow their kids to trick or treat in areas or neighborhoods that they are familiar with.

“Go to a neighborhood you know,” he said. “Don’t just pack your kids up and go to a neighborhood you don’t know. That’s not a good way to do it. Go to a neighborhood where you live and stay around your street.”

The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office also urges parents to make sure they know where sex offenders live in their neighborhoods.

“First of all sex offenders can’t give out candy, and they can’t dress up in costume,” said Davidson.

When it comes to candy, parents are urged to check their children’s bags before they allow their kids to eat their candy. If they see a brand they aren’t familiar with, loose candy, open packages, or choking hazards they are encouraged to throw it away.

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