Frustration builds over East 70th Street roadwork

The City of Shreveport expects the project to be completed in December

Roadwork proving to be a headache for some Shreveport motorists

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — The City of Shreveport expects roadwork on East 70th Street at Line Avenue to be completed in December.

That projection isn’t sitting too well with people who live and work near the construction.

Several residents of the surrounding neighborhoods are upset that it’s taken this long for the project to be finished.

“When it started off, I wanted the city streets to improve," Wayne Carter said. "And after a while, it seems like they’re taking their time to waste taxpayer money.”

Other people stressed how the roadwork turns East 70th into a one-lane roadway, which leads to heavy traffic in the morning.

“Drivers then drive through different neighborhoods to avoid traffic,” Carter said. “They speed up and down the roads.”

This construction comes at a time when residents say it’s overdue but it’s taking crews too long to finish.

Other concerns people have about their neighborhoods are the crime, potholes and the deterioration of vacant properties.

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