Woman falls through hole in New York City sidewalk

NEW YORK (WPIX/CNN) - New York City firefighters had to rescue a woman from a five feet deep hole in Manhattan on Friday. The woman was walking along a sidewalk when a grate suddenly gave way beneath her feet.

It was the start of the rush hour and it took only seconds for the woman to go from ordinary pedestrian to injured victim.

Eyewitnesses say she walked over the yellow grate made of a composite material and it somehow gave way, allowing her to fall some five feet down into a damp pit.

"She was walking. She stepped right here on the corner, and it just completely flipped over, and she fell in,” said witness Burnesteen Davis.

Firefighters scrambled to pull the woman out of the hole, which was part of an unidentified utility project by New York City Water Works.

An NYC Water Works on-scene supervisor said he was not authorized to discuss what happened, how the composite cover could have given way, or why more warning signs were not placed around the grate before the incident.

"The way they have it roped off now, with the garbage cans and everything it was not like that,” said Davis. “There were no cones up. There was no caution signs."

The victim’s condition is not known.

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