Shreveport police seek clues about murder mystery

Authorities have two dead men, a bullet-riddled van and shell casings from at least one high-powered rifle

Grassmere Street: Vandalism call led to discovery of 2 men dead in van in front of vacant house

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — An apparent double homicide has Shreveport police searching for the person or persons responsible.

The bodies of two men were discovered Friday morning in a bullet-riddled van at a vacant house in the 2700 block of Grassmere Street in the city’s Sunset Acres neighborhood.

2 found dead in bullet-riddled van; what one victim's aunt says

It appears likely that the events that led to the men’s deaths began with reports of gunfire shortly before 9 p.m. Thursday, investigators said.

Responding officers canvassed the area but found nothing.

A resident of the area called authorities Friday morning to report finding a bullet hole in their house and a bullet-riddled van in front of a vacant house.

Police discovered the men’s bodies about 6:12 a.m., the Caddo coroner’s office reports.

“We’re just starting into this investigation," Cpl. Angie Willhite explained. "We have multiple people and units inside the Police Department aiding us in this investigation. And we will continue to keep you all updates as this investigation progresses.”

2 bodies found in Sunset Acres neighborhood

Based on shell casings discovered at the scene, the detective said, it appears that at least one high-powered rifle was used in the homicides.

The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office is assisting with the investigation.

Deputies brought in a high-tech, 3-D imager to get a more complete, permanent picture of the scene and to get a better sense of what happened.

Meanwhile, an aunt of one of the slain men told KSLA News 12 that his girlfriend had not been told about what happened because she was in labor at the hospital and loved ones wanted to wait until after the baby was born to tell her.

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