Halloween: Is the holiday dying out in Shreveport?

Halloween: Is it a dying holiday in Shreveport?

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — October generally is known for fall weather, pumpkin spice and Halloween.

The annual holiday brings out trick-or-treaters ready for their share of the candy.

But throughout Shreveport, several neighborhoods have no homes decorated for the Halloween.

“We stopped caring about Halloween once our kids went to high school,” James Edwards said. “It’s not that we don’t like the holiday, we just don’t really have a reason to celebrate.”

Edwards and several other people in Shreveport spoke about the holiday becoming less popular as their neighborhoods grow older.

The other issue of celebrating Halloween is the idea of hosting the holiday at a church or school.

“It’s safer for my kids to be in an environment they are familiar with,” Jamie Owenss said. “The days of walking around your neighborhood and getting candy are over because you don’t know if the candy is safe.”

Some people believe Halloween helps bring the community together.

Shane and Misty Gradick not only had their first date on Halloween, they got married on the holiday, as well.

Now every year, their home becomes a one-stop shop for Halloween with lines of trick-or-treaters ready to get candy.

“If something brings you joy and happiness, why not continue the tradition?" Shane Gradick asked.

“We have boxes of decorations and enjoy making our home a safe place for the kids.”

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