Study: Ark., La., Okla., Texas drivers among best in U.S.

Two cities in Louisiana and Texas also have some of the nation’s worst drivers, analysis shows

Study: Ark., La., Okla., Texas drivers among best in U.S.
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(KSLA) — Motorists in parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas are among some of the best — yes, we said best — drivers in the nation.

That’s according to QuoteWizard, which each year examines driving habits in the 75 most populated cities in America.

The Lending Tree service looks at the number of accidents, DWIs, speeding tickets and other citations, such as running a red light or using a cellphone while driving.

Those figures then are used to determine overall driver quality and come up with a composite ranking of overall incidents in each of the cities.

Cities that QuoteWizard rates as the worst are those with the highest rate of incidents.

Its best driving cities have the lowest rate of incidents.

On QuoteWizard’s list of the cities with the best drivers:

  • Tulsa, Okla., ranks 26th;
  • Oklahoma City, Okla., comes in at 22nd;
  • Dallas, Texas, scores 19th;
  • New Orleans, La., ranks 8th; and,
  • Little Rock, Ark., is the best, with a ranking of 6th in the nation.

As for the worst driving cities:

  • Austin, Texas, ranks 37th; and
  • Baton Rouge, La., is rated as the 33rd worst.

Of all 75 cities, QuoteWizard says, the best drivers in the nation can be found in Detroit, Mich., and Portland, Ore., has the worst.

On a related note, QuoteWizard previously analyzed National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fatality rates and found that September is the most dangerous month of the year for drivers.

That analysis was based on each month’s fatal crash rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled from 2007-17.

It found that:

  • September had an average of 1.15 fatal crashes per 100 million vehicle miles traveled from 2007-17.
  • August had 32,678 fatalities, the most of any month from 2007-17.
  • From 2011-15, Thanksgiving and Labor Day had the highest number of fatalities among holidays.

Every year we rank the best and worst driving cities in America. Here they are for 2019:

Posted by QuoteWizard on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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