Family reacts to double murder at Kilgore apartment complex

Family reacts to double murder at Kilgore apartment complex
Stone Creek Murders

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - East Texas police continue to gather evidence at the scene of a double murder.

Two women were found dead Wednesday inside an apartment at the Stone Creek complex in Kilgore.

Police are not saying how the women died, but a male relative is in custody.

As the investigation continues into the double murder at Stone Creek apartments, for the Wheat family, it’s a time of pain and confusion.

They say it was their sisters, Daisy and Caroline Sue, who were found dead in the apartment.

“I took it hard. We’re broken. We’re hurting. Yes we’re in pain,” said sister Darlene Taylor.

For a family as close as theirs, losing two sisters was shattering.

“Although he did what he did, only God has vengeance. But it’s not going to be that easy," said family member Brenda Wheat. “It’s not going to heal in one day or two months. It’s going to take time because it was such a tragedy.”

Police say they have a man in custody connected to the deaths, a relative of the victims.

Family members are shocked and angered.

"He didn't' have to do that. He knows what he was doing, he didn't have to do that, and our whole family is hurting. Make sure he gets punished for what he done," said cousin Napoleon Wheat.

“It doesn’t happen around here but it did happen to us, to our family, and it’s very hard and there’s all kind of emotions going on right now," Brenda Wheat said. “We would like to ask for the family , for prayers in consideration of everybody.”

Kilgore police have not released the name of the suspect.

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