KSLA Salutes: The Master Instructor

He’s the only one in Louisiana who is a master instructor in corrections, Level I academy training and firearms

See how the master instructor trains dozens of ArkLaTex men and women in uniform

PLAIN DEALING, La. (KSLA) — Bossier sheriff’s Sgt. Jeremy Haas is a pretty funny guy — until he’s not.

When it comes to training police officers and deputies in Bossier Parish, Haas has no time for games.

“So part of it is teaching them a little about the mental toughness that it takes for them to be a cop because you never know."

But long before Haas was teaching recruits how to deal with tear gas and pepper spray, he was a 20-year-old just stepping foot into the Air Force.

“(I did) everything from putting fuel on a jet to managing the storage yard," he said. "I worked in accounting there for quite a while, actually just keeping track of the millions of gallons of jet fuel that would flow through there any given month.”

Haas worked a variety of jobs, including running a lab, and even experienced the events of 9/11 — all at Barksdale Air Force Base.

“(I) was there on the flight line the day he called me on the radio," he said. "I went inside and was looking at it, watching it on the TV.

And literally about two hours later, I was on the ramp when George Bush was landing at Barksdale with Air Force One because we were going to take care of his jet.”

But after nearly 10 years in the Air Force, Haas knew it was time to start a new chapter in his life. He retired from the military service in 2006 and officially joined the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office in 2009.

Haas is one of the instructors at the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office Training Academy.

He also is the only person in Louisiana who is a master instructor in corrections, Level I academy training and firearms.

“I was very fortunate to be in a position where my regular duties would afford me the time to be able to do that," Haas said. "I’m extremely blessed to be in that position cause it’s something that I love and I still get to do it.”

But whether he’s being silly or serious, ensuring our area has the most highly trained in law enforcement is just another job in his life that he’s proud to do.

“The reason I do it every day, and I told people this over and over, is that if I can do something in here with a student that one day saves that student’s life or it saves the life of somebody else that that student is taking care of out there on the street or whatever call it is, then, for me, it was worth it."

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