Doctor accused of overprescribing opiates

Federal agents arrest him, raid 2 pain management clinics

Doctor accused of overprescribing opiates
(Source: Raycom)

TEXARKANA, Ar. (KSLA) - A Southwest Arkansas doctor is suspected of overprescribing opiates and other controlled substances to patients.

On Tuesday, federal agents shut down and searched two pain management clinics in Texarkana where he was the lead physician.

Dr. Lonnie Parker, under federal indictment from the Western District of Arkansas, has been arrested.

"I knew that was coming. I knew something was going funny over there," said Jerry Foster, who lives across the street from the building that houses the Primary Care and Modern Medicine clinics.

"People coming in and out at all times. And the parking lot would be full; you couldn't get another car over there."

The nation has an opioid crisis; and Arkansas has ranked high on the list.

So the Drug Enforcement Administration has established a special unit to combat the problem.

"Our office is dedicated to this," said U.S. Attorney Duane Kees, of the Western District of Arkansas.

“We are going to use everything at our disposal, whether it is criminal prosecution, whether it be civil lawsuits. We are going after those who are profiting off this epidemic, one way or the other. And we are dedicated to it.”

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