Non-profit donates vests, helmets to TTPD

Shield 616 gives Texarkana, Texas, police several rifle-ready ballistic vests and helmets

TEXARKANA, Texas (KSLA) - The Texarkana Texas Police Department received a major donation on Friday afternoon to improve the safety of officers.

Shield 616, a non-profit group, donated all-day rifle ready ballistic vests and helmets. At a cost of $174,300, the Texarkana department is one of 10 across the cross of Texas to receive the gift.

The donation should equip all 83 members of TTPD.

“We have for many years issued our officers with soft body armor to protect most handgun rounds,” said Capt. Michael Henry. “But over teh past few years the threat of rifle rounds have increased.”

The organization is based in Colorado but is bringing its message to Texas as part of the First Responder bowl game later this year in Dallas.

“The need is huge,” said Shield 616′s Jake Skifstad. “The need is great. It is not just here in Texarkana. It is literally all over Texas. All over the United States.”

Skifstad said Shield 616 hopes to make this an ongoing project since the warranty on the equipment only lasts five years.

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