The Good Stuff: Honoring ‘The 6’

Six ‘The Good Stuff’ reports are nominated for EMMYs; Warner earns 7th nomination for best reporter

These people's stories are a reminder of the massive amounts of good right here at home

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - It’s an exciting week for KSLA News 12 and our ‘The Good Stuff’ series by KSLA News 12′s Doug Warner.

The newsroom is nominated for 12 EMMY awards by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences — Mid American region. Seven of those nominations are in association with Doug’s ‘The Good Stuff’ reports.

‘Brently’s Dream’ shares the story of then high school senior Brently Miller, diagnosed with cerebral palsy not long after birth.

Brently and twin brother Bailey Miller
Brently and twin brother Bailey Miller (Source: Miller family)

He and his twin brother we both born prematurely, leaving Brently with some physical limitations, but nothing serious enough to ever tarnish his dream of playing in a high school basketball game alongside his brother.

“I hope any other kid with a disability, don’t stop working hard. Keep pushing everyday,” Brently said.

That dream came true during a late winter game in January earlier this year when his coach put him in two back-to-back games.

"It worked out," says Coach Eddie Jones, also Brently's uncle.

"It worked out to be a part of helping a kid's dream come true."

‘Dream Catcher’ reveals the long-time friendship between NFL-great and Shreveport native Terry Bradshaw and Tommy Spinks.

Tommy Spinks and Terry Bradshaw
Tommy Spinks and Terry Bradshaw (Source: KSLA)

As his daughters Kimberly and Teri discovered in the year's after losing Tommy to cancer in 2007, their father had been working on a book about he and Terry's friendship, titled Dream Catcher.

“Six days before he died, I asked my Dad if he always dreamed of playing in the NFL and he said, ‘No’,” Kimberly said.

"That was Terry's dream. I just caught it. Dreams are contagious."

Tommy and Terry first met when they were just 13 living in Southern Hills in Shreveport. The two played together in high school, at Louisiana Tech, and with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL.

‘The Perfect Time for Cancer’ profiles how Ashley Davis of Bossier City thought her breast cancer diagnosis came at the absolute worse time in her, and her son’s lives.

"It's my son's senior year of high school," said Ashley in the fall of 2018.

Ashley Davis of Bossier Parish is now cancer free after a 2018 diagnosis of breast cancer
Ashley Davis of Bossier Parish is now cancer free after a 2018 diagnosis of breast cancer (Source: Davis family)

She felt her battle with cancer would take away from her son's final year at school and on the football field with the Haughton Bucs.

However, she later felt this diagnosis came at a perfect time.

When it came time to shave her head due to chemotherapy treatments, Ashley was shocked to see her son Gavin invited a number of his friends over to their home to shave their heads alongside her to show their support.

"Who does that," Ashley says with a smile on her face.

"My kid does that."

‘Giving it all to Faith’ is a remarkable story of how two churches will forever be connected, the former St. Paul Lutheran Church and Faith Lutheran, which now holds services inside the old St. Paul location.

"They say Sunday is the most segregated day of the week," says Faith Pastor Michael Shannon.

However, that’s anything but the case inside Faith on Sundays.

"We were given this church and the white people gave it to us," remarked church member Eddie Swift, commenting on how the predominantly white St. Paul handed over the property and every cent in the bank to Faith Lutheran.

St. Paul were down to just a handful of members, while Faith was needing a larger facility.

"It's beyond our wildest dreams that this would be the answer," remembers Pastor Shannon.

As we learned in Doug’s report ‘What can Brown do for Spencer’, 20-year-old Spencer Harrison has an insatiable love for the United Parcel Service.

With the help of his mother, he’s amassed a collection in the dozens of UPS hats, shirts, and other collectibles.

KSLA's Doug Warner along with Spencer Harrison
KSLA's Doug Warner along with Spencer Harrison (Source: KSLA)

“He has a UPS Christmas ornament and it always is the first ornament on the tree,” points out his mother, Sheri.

After giving UPS corporate offices was given a call, they coordinated for Spencer to take a rarely granted walking tour of the Shreveport headquarters.

"They made his dreams come true," Sheri said with tears in her eyes.

"He'll talk about it forever."

In ‘One Heart Beating for Two’, we learn of the heartbreaking death of a 7-month-old from Topeka, Kansas named Mya.

But we also witness the heartwarming decision by Mya's young parents, Erin and Trevor Young, to donate her organs.

Within days, Mya’s heart was placed inside a two-month-old Shreveport girl named Ivanna.

Mya Young passed away at 7-months-old
Mya Young passed away at 7-months-old (Source: Young family)

"You never know a 7-month-old could be a little hero," Erin brags about Mya.

Mid-America Emmy Awards take place on October 5, in Branson, Missouri.

Doug also received a nomination in the reporter-talent category.

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