KSLA Salutes: Shooting for Woody’s Home for Veterans

Here's how you can take aim at helping veterans

BENTON, La. (KSLA) — Out on Los Paloma’s Sporting Range in Benton is where owner Max Sharp is looking to shoot that perfect shot.

Range expects crowd to shoot at sporting clays to help homeless veterans

“Sporting clays is like a golf course," he explained. “As you go station to station, at each station you shoot different scenarios of sporting clay targets. And you move station to station. And at the end, you add them all up, your hits and misses, and see how you fared."

But on Saturday, he and others will be out shooting for a good cause.

“There’s hundreds if not thousands of veterans that are homeless," Sharp said. “And Woody’s provides a safe place for those veterans to land and have food prepared for them and to make sure they get their medicines.”

Woody’s Home for Veterans in Shreveport has been providing a stable home for homeless veterans since 2003.

After learning more about its mission, Sharp joined on as a board member.

“We try to work really hard to make sure that we have enough money and we support that cause.”

So every two years, Woody’s hosts a sporting clay shoot that helps raise money for the veterans staying at the home.

Army veteran Scott Harkey not only plans to shoot, but also serves as a board member for Woody’s.

“We bring a level of organization to Woody’s Home for Veterans. ... at least, I feel we do, that they haven’t had in the past.”

For Harkey, it hurts knowing there still are thousands of veterans struggling and in need of help.

“It makes me feel like we’re not doing enough as a country to help those that have given the ultimate sacrifice.”

So both Sharp and Harkey hope that those who come out to participate Saturday not only have fun but also remember that the winner isn’t just the person with the most shots ... but also the veterans who benefit from them.

If you go

  • Los Paloma is at 900 7 Pines Road in Benton.
  • The sporting clay shoot Saturday will begin at 9 a.m.
  • In addition, three guns will be raffled off with proceeds from that effort also going to benefit Woody’s Home for Veterans.

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