SPD: By the Numbers

A look at the total force for the Shreveport Police Department

SPD: By the Numbers

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - The Shreveport Police Department is one of the largest in Louisiana. In the past year, officers have come and gone for a variety of reasons. One of the tasks ahead for newly appointed Police Chief Ben Raymond will be recruiting and retaining officers.

We wanted to take a look at how many positions on the force are authorized, how many positions are open, and how many officers are on departmental leave. Through a public records request, KSLA obtained specific numbers and names that make up the Shreveport Police Department. The records also include the names officers placed on departmental leave. It should be noted that in order to protect the identity of those officers, we are not publishing their names.

SPD Head Count: September 16, 2019
SPD Head Count: September 16, 2019 (Source: KSLA)

What’s not noted in the graphic above is the number of Corporals and Police Officers, which make up much of the total force. As of September 16, the department is budgeted for 417 such positions, but only 375 are filled. That’s 42 open positions.

SPD Head Count: September 17, 2018
SPD Head Count: September 17, 2018 (Source: KSLA)

Under former Chief Alan Crump there were more officers part of the total force. However, there were only 365 Corporals or Police Officers - that’s 10 fewer than currently on the force. The number of officers placed on departmental leave was also down nearly 50 percent.

Raymond was named Substitute Police Chief on November 13, 2018. The numbers below reflect the head count during his first full week.

SPD Head Count: November 19, 2018
SPD Head Count: November 19, 2018 (Source: KSLA)

The Shreveport Police Department defines Departmental Leave as:

A provision for the possibility that an employee may be indicted for a crime. As used herein, the term “indictment” is intended to include not only formal indictment by a grand jury but also a bill of information or other procedure instituting a criminal prosecution and filed by a law enforcement official. When an employee is charged with a felony, he/she shall, and if a misdemeanor may, be immediately relieved of duty and placed on departmental leave for up to one week at full pay and with continuing seniority. Nothing herein is intended to restrict or limit the appointing authority’s management of the police department as he/she determines to be in the public interest in the exercise of his/her executive responsibilities under applicable laws. On subsequent leave, the employee may draw full pay, reduced pay or no pay as the appointing authority may determine to be appropriate from time to time under the facts and circumstances of the particular case.

Currently the starting salary for a Shreveport police officer is $33,000.

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