Rain chances go up as we take a break from the heat

(KSLA) - Tropical Depression Imelda is becoming nothing more than remnants at this point. However, there will still be a lot of rain around. Our rain chances will still be increasing Thursday and Friday. As a result, our temperatures will be a little lower, so we will take a break from the heat.

As Imelda moves to the north, we will continue to see a lot of rain move through the ArkLaTex. Most of the rain in our viewing area will be in the southwest corner. That includes Sabine county, Nacogdoches county, Shelby county and San Augustine county in Texas. These same counties also have a flash flood watch in effect through Thursday evening.

There is model disagreement about where the bulk of the rain will go. Some computer models are trying to indicate that most of the ArkLaTex will see heavy rainfall Thursday and Friday, while some other computer models are showing the rain localized in Texas. Therefore, with the uncertainty, I would be prepared for more rain, regardless of where you are. That goes with the exception of Arkansas since there you will be farther away from the storm.

Everyone across the ArkLaTex should see rain at some point. I am confident about that. What I am not confident about is the amount we should expect. Some areas could see 5-8 inches, while some others could see up to half an inch.

With the rain at least in the vicinity, the temperatures will cool down as a result. So even places that do not see as much rain, the temperature will still be a little lower. Temperatures should fall down a few degrees in the afternoon and the rain will keep it there. Temperatures will only top out in the mid 80s Thursday and Friday.

By the weekend, we will not have as much rain. At this point, the remnants of Imelda will basically be gone. There could still be a few sprinkles, but the sunshine will be returning. I have a 20% chance of rain on Saturday along with a 10% chance of Sunday. As you might expect, temperatures will go back up with the lower rain chances.

The first day of fall is still looking to be another hot one. There should not be much rain around, so I only have a 10% chance of rain. Temperatures will then top out in the lower 90s. We will continue to wait until our first true cold front arrives to help drop the temperatures. Until then, it will remain hot.

In the tropics, there is still Humberto staying strong. It is not a category three hurricane and will be moving off to the open waters in the Atlantic. There is also tropical storm Jerry. This is in the Atlantic now heading toward the Bahamas. This time, there is a chance the storm turns before hitting the islands. So for now, there is still no threat to the gulf coast.

First Alert Meteorologist Grant Roberts

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