Mom in Okla. appears to give shots of booze to toddler in Snapchat video

STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR/CNN) - Authorities in Oklahoma are investigating after a Snapchat video was posted that shows a woman apparently giving alcohol to a child.

"Our investigation is separate from the (Department of Human Services) investigation," said Payne County Sheriff Kevin Woodward. "They do a child welfare part, and we do the criminal part."

The video blew up on social media over the weekend. In the video, a child brings a bottle of what appears to be liquor to his mom.

Then it looks like she gives him two shots of the alcohol from the cap.

Someone in the background cheers on the situation.

"We have to investigate that video and everything that's involved, and all the people that are involved with that video," Woodward said.

The woman in the video did not want to go on camera but she did say DHS has taken custody of her son.

She also said it has been a stressful time, but she's adamant there was no alcohol in the cap.

"(I've) never been without him a day in his life," she said. "And yes, it was bad judgment on my part to even act like I gave him alcohol, but I swear there was none in the cap."

In an earlier Facebook post, the woman wrote, "I didn't know I was being videoed, but even so what's the difference in giving your child cough syrup or rinsing their pacifier off with the beer you're drinking."

Woodward said the DHS, sheriff's office and district attorney's office are working quickly to bring the investigation to a close.

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