East Texas judge retiring but wants to stay involved

“I want to keep working. I don’t have any hobbies, so all I know how to do is work.”

After decades on the job, East Texas judge surprises many with his sudden resignation

BOWIE COUNTY, Texas (KSLA) — Bowie County officials are in the market for someone to lead the East Texas county’s government.

Judge James Carlow announced in Commissioners Court that, after nearly three decades on the job, he’ll retire effective Oct. 1.

Now it is up to the Commissioners Court to appoint someone to fill the vacancy.

Carlow, who has three years remaining in his current term, said it is a tough decision to retire but something he has contemplated for the past few years.

“Things are running smoothly. And I think it is time to step aside and let someone else do it.”

Bowie County has accomplished many positive things during his tenure, the 75-year-old said.

Over the past four years, Carlow said, he is proud of working to get an 11% cost-of-living raise for county employees and restoring a 15% pay cut.

Now the county is in the right place for a bright future, he said.

"I'm so encouraged to see so many people get in the process of creating jobs and creating economic benefits and creating a better future for our kids."

The retiring judge said he will miss the interaction with courthouse employees but assured that he will continue to serve the county and its citizens in other ways.

“I want to stay involved. I want to stay involved with economic development. I want to stay involved in businesses,” Carlow added.

“I want to keep working. I don’t have any hobbies, so all I know how to do is work.”

Oct. 1 also is the first day of the county’s new fiscal year.

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