Family raises over $14,000 at benefit event

Miller Benefit at Grace Family Worship Center

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - The family and friends of Shreveport businessman Matt Miller gathered in his memory at Grace Family Worship Center in Shreveport.

Matt Miller took his own life in July.

The Grace Family Worship Center hosted the benefit event, where hundreds made generous donations. They raised over $14,000.

We spoke to his wife Megan Miller who described him as an exceptional father and said he would go above and beyond for his family.

“Were just blessed to have lots of memories with him — lots of good ones," Megan Miller said. “He was funny, always playing with the boys, doing more than most dad’s do, family vacations galore, hunting and fishing.”

This event also raised awareness for Suicide Prevention Awareness month.

Miller’s family says its important to check for the early signs to help prevent someone from committing suicide.

​According to one of his friends, Miller owned a plumbing business.

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