Statewide voter registration drive underway in Louisiana

Elections are coming up Oct. 12 and Nov. 16

Deadline to register to vote in Louisiana's fall elections is just 2 weeks away

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — The deadline to register to vote in Louisiana’s fall elections, including the gubernatorial race, is now just two weeks away.

That’s why there’s a voter registration drive this week throughout the state.

Charlie Allum, of the Caddo registrar of voters office, is spending most of the week at several library locations, often he says, dispelling misconceptions.

“For every two people that say ‘I’m not going to register,’ I have 10 that say I am. And as long as we have that 10 out there, they are the ones who, our disciples, that are telling other people that they should vote.”

Many of the 2.9 million Louisiana residents already registered to vote are not expected to turn out Oct. 12.

That’s when voters must choose statewide leaders as well as decide a host of local and municipal races, constitutional amendments and propositions.

Analysts are quick to point out that the current hyper-divisive political landscape has energized both liberals and conservatives alike for this election cycle.

And Allum says such passion translates into more people registering to vote.

“More people are interested in voting these days. Now that’s not true in every election. But during these elections, because of the way times have been, there are more people who are.”

For those who might have any lingering doubts about just how polarized the American electorate has become, just ask some people a few questions like “Are you registered to vote?" and “Are you going to vote?”

You’ll get an earful.

Vernessa Hall couldn’t agree more.

“Lot of people is going to go out and vote because if Trump go back in there again, we’re going to have a harder time than we’re already having now,” the voter said.

Time and again you hear people tell us if you think emotions are running high now, just imaging what it’s going to be like for next year’s presidential race.

Key election dates

  • Sept. 11: the deadline to register in person or by mail to vote in the Oct. 12 primary.
  • Sept. 28-Oct. 5: early voting for the Oct. 12 elections.
  • Nov. 16: the general election.

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