KSLA Salutes: Writing the next chapter

ArkLaTex woman balances her life as an author, military spouse

BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) - Building a career and following your dreams can be a little challenging — if you happen to be a military spouse.

For Kristine Goodfellow, it pushed her to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Before she could speak the words in her books, she first had to write them down.

“I couldn’t find a book that I really wanted to read and I thought well why not write what you wanted to read," she said.

That thought crossed her mind in 2001 after her best friend and their family moved to another Air Force base. So she sat and began to write her first book.

“The first novel never got published," she said. "It was my kind of beginning novel. It was the one I learned that I didn’t know a lot of things.”

She focused on her next book and after years of rejection letters she finally held her first published book titled Phantom: Edge of the Flame in her hands in 2013.

“When I saw my words on the page, in a book where anybody in the whole world could pick it up and read what I wrote, it was the most amazing feeling," she said. "I mean I got tears in my eyes when I saw it.”

But it was while her husband was serving in the military that she decided to sit down and really make her dream a reality.

“Because my husband’s in the military that is a career I can take anywhere," she said. "If I got my imagination and my laptop, I’m good to go no matter where we are and no matter what stage of life we’re in. My writing will always be there.”

Kristine at one of her book signings (Source: Kristine Goodfellow)
Kristine at one of her book signings (Source: Kristine Goodfellow)

So far she’s written and published seven books that could be classified under the Gothic romance genre.

“In all of my books I think there runs a redemption string of ideas, and I think what I like to play around with is can love redeem people," she said.

And while Kristine typically doesn’t write about her life — she admits she can always find her husband in the characters of her books.

Kristine and her husband (Ret.) Brigadier General Gerald Goodfellow (Source: Kristine Goodfellow)
Kristine and her husband (Ret.) Brigadier General Gerald Goodfellow (Source: Kristine Goodfellow)

“He’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met," she said. "He’s the most positive person I’ve ever met, and I can look at different heroes in my books and think there’s a piece of him in there.”

With plans for her eighth book already underway, Kristine hopes her story will inspire other military spouses out there to keep writing their next chapter.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re doing something that you love, find what you love and keep your heart in it," she said.

Kristine is also working on turning one of her books into a screenplay.

If you are interested in purchasing one of her books you can find more information on Amazon or at her website.

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