Trump appears to show doctored Dorian trajectory map that includes Alabama

Trump shows altered map of Hurricane Dorian's trajectory

(CNN) - President Donald Trump showed a map Wednesday he said shows Hurricane Dorian’s original projected path.

But the image appeared to have been altered with a black marker, in order to support Trump’s incorrect tweet that claimed Alabama was in the storm’s path.

Wednesday’s map showed Dorian hitting the Yellowhammer State.

The National Weather Service corrected him and said Alabama was never included in the states expected to see impacts.

Those states included Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

Trump told reporters that he wasn't aware of a map being changed, but he was insistent that original forecasts showed Alabama being at risk.

The White House didn’t respond to a request for comment. Later on Wednesday, Trump tweeted an early version of Dorian’s spaghetti model that included paths to Alabama.

“I accept the Fake News apologies,” Trump tweeted in a vindicated tone.

Even so, the spaghetti model was from Aug. 28. and more accurate maps were available before his Sept. 1 tweet four days later.

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