Shreveport filmmaker addresses bullying, teen suicide

Shreveport filmmaker addresses bullying, teen suicide

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - It’s an issue no parent wants to talk about and often goes unnoticed until it’s too late: bullying that leads to suicide. A Shreveport filmmaker is hoping to address the sensitive topic in a new short film.

The piece is called “10 To 15,” which is the average age pre-teens and teens commit suicide due to bullying. Tara Davis of Black Summer Rain Media is helping lead the charge to put the powerful film together.

“When I was growing up because of my skin tone, I was bullied, but I could handle myself,” she said. “But, there you have a lot of people that can’t fight back.”

The short film highlights the adverse effects bullying has on students and how it can ultimately result in a feeling of hopelessness for the victims. Davis wants the film to reach students who feel as if they have no one to go to with their damaged emotions.

“Love each other, you should all love each other,” she said. “You shouldn’t hurt anybody.”

To help promote the piece, Davis launched a social media campaign. She’s asking the public submit videos of themselves saying, 'Stop the hurt’ to stand in solidarity with students who experience bullying on a daily basis.

Email with your ‘stop the hurt’ submission.

“Hurt people, hurt people,” Davis said. “There has to be a reason a person would ridicule a person for no reason at all.”

Once the short film is complete, Davis said she hopes to give the piece to schools nationally to help fuel a conversation on bullying and suicide.

But, she wants students to walk away with a simple message.

“If you’re hurt, talk to somebody," she said.

Filming for “10 To 15” begins in early October.

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