The Good Stuff: The ‘Dear Doug’ mailbag

KSLA News 12′s Doug Warner shares a touching letter from a proud great-grandmother

The Good Stuff: The ‘Dear Doug’ mailbag

(KSLA) — Every once in a while on The Good Stuff, we pause to catch up with some of the wonderful people we have met along the way.

Just days after a tornado struck northern Bossier Parish, we met the Grubbs family, who came home from a family trip to discover their home had been pummeled by fallen trees.

“Even though they didn’t experience it firsthand, being their first home, I thought they’d be traumatized,” Lacie Grubbs says about her three youngest children — triplets Ruel, Ava and Finley.

As repairs continue on their home just northeast of Benton, most of the family has, for now, settled into a home in Sabine Parish. And the triplets are in kindergarten.

The Grubbs' triplets on the first day of school.
The Grubbs' triplets on the first day of school.

In addition to a number of ‘thank you’ messages from throughout the ArkLaTex and beyond, this week KSLA News 12′s Doug Warner received one from a very proud great-grandmother.

We recently shared the story of Byrd High School sophomore Morgan Reeves, who marched into head coach Mike Suggs’ office the summer before his freshman year.

Byrd High sophomore Morgan Reeves
Byrd High sophomore Morgan Reeves

Coach Suggs thought he had another potential player, but Morgan surprised Coach Suggs with his request.

He asked coach if he could be a team manager.

Morgan is unable to play contact sports due to a childhood diagnosis, but he was determined to find a way onto the football field.

Inspiring, indeed.

But so was a ‘thank you’ letter I received from 91-year-old Martie Powell.

Here’s an excerpt from her letter:

"Dear Doug,

“I guess I can address you that way. I’m Morgan Reeves’ great-grandmother,” Martie’s letter begins.

“There is so little of human interest on TV or radio anymore. It’s been said that confession is good for the soul. I confess that I had never seen your show. News is so negative that I don’t listen to that at bedtime, but I understand that you have such as the one on Morgan every Wednesday night. I will tune in from now on.”

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