Rewarding kids without using money

Rewarding kids without money

(KSLA) - It’s a debate many parents consider every day — whether or not to implement a reward system for a child’s good behavior.

Some experts say rewarding your child with money for making good grades or chores could have a negative impact. Research suggests a child won’t retain the information when they know there’s a monetary connection because their focus is solely on the reward.

According to one study the average allowance for a child per month is around $65. We’re looking at ways to help you spend smarter by saving you money and rewarding children with something over than cash.

One way is with extra tech time — parents can reward children by offering an extra 20 minutes of screen time.

A parent can also consider a later bedtime. Rewarding a child by allowing them to stay up an extra 15-20 minutes is another good option.

Consider making fun vouchers for kids. For instance, a parent can give a child a voucher to pick dinner for the night or to get out of one of their chores for the day. That’s a free option that won’t focus on a financial reward.

Another way is to plan a trip to a park or offer a sleepover with one of your child’s friends.

A movie night is also a great option which allows your child to pick out a movie from Netflix.

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