Field of Dreams park undergoing renovations

Field of Dreams gets facelift

BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) -A Bossier City park is currently undergoing much needed upgrades to help make it more accessible to children with disabilities.

The Field of Dreams park just off Hazel Jones Road will currently see $795,000 in renovations thanks to a $60 million bond approved by Bossier City council earlier this year.

The bond will fund a dozen projects across the city including improvements to parks like the Field of Dreams.

“We are thrilled beyond belief that children are going to have an opportunity to play,” Louis Cook said.

Cook is the superintendent of maintenance for Bossier City Parks and Recreations and says the park has been around since the early 90′s and needs fresh upgraded equipment for all children to play on.

“This surfacing is the latest technology,” he said. “It’s extremely expensive. We’re going to be very dependent on our citizens to take care of it.”

Part of the renovations for the Field of Dreams Playground (Source: Planet Recess)
Part of the renovations for the Field of Dreams Playground (Source: Planet Recess)

Cook said once they figured out how they would pay for the renovations, he reached out to former educators and even a student in the Shreveport-Bossier City area to help them decide what this playground needed.

Field of Dreams to get new equipment, upgrades

Contractor Treynor McAdams is the president of Planet Recess, the group working on the new renovations. McAdams says once they finish this playground it will be the largest in the state of Louisiana.

“This particular Field of Dreams playground has many different pieces of equipment that bring all the children together,” he said.

McAdams says they will be installing a new play surface and wheelchair accessible equipment including swings, and a merry go round. The playground will also have different sections for children ages six months to 12.

When the playground is complete, McAdams says he’ll be back.

“We as the contractor go to the job,” he said ."We put in our sweat. We put in our tears. We put in the playground equipment, and then we leave to go home to build the next playground and sometimes we don’t see the happy kids that will use it. We plan to come back up here just to hang out, and see all the wonderful kids using all of our efforts and all of the playground equipment."

The playground is currently closed and will be for the next couple of months. McAdams says he is hoping to have the playground finished by the end of the this year.

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