Man again found guilty of murder

Found guilty; conviction overturned; mistrial declared; and now, after three days of testimony, convicted again

Texarkana man again found guilty after original conviction overturned then a mistrial

TEXARKANA, Ark. (KSLA) — He was found guilty.

Then his conviction was overturned.

Afterward came a mistrial.

And now, after three days of testimony, 53-year-old Marvin Stanton again has been found guilty of murder.

He was in handcuffs Thursday when he left the courthouse in Miller County, Ark.

It took jurors just more than two hours to convict him of fatally shooting Jesse Hamilton in September 2015.

Prosecutors say it was over a parking spot at the Raceway convenience store on Stateline Avenue in Texarkana.

“This has been a very difficult process for the family,” prosecuting attorney Stephanie Barrett said. “They have not only had to endure one trial; they had to endure three. And that is not right for anybody to have to go through that process.”

In 2016, a jury sentenced Stanton to life in prison.

He had been in prison about a year when an appellate court overturned his conviction.

In August 2018, a second attempt to try the case led to a mistrial.

Now he again has been convicted.

“Luckily, the defendant received the same verdict he did in the first trial,” Barrett said.

Stanton’s sentence this time around is life in prison plus 15 years.

“Justice was served today, and we can try and get on with our lives now,” said Hamilton’s mother, Rebecca Jeans.

She and other family members were there when the verdict and sentence were given.

“It has not been easy. It has been a hard process,” said Hamilton’s widow, Anna English.

“But it is over and (Stanton) got what he deserved.”

Jeans said she’s just ecstatic.

“I want to thank all who worked on this case, the DA’s office and Stephanie. They have just worked hard on this thing for four years.”

After the proceedings, Stanton was taken to the Miller County Correctional Facility to await transfer to a state prison.

“Most likely,” he responded when asked whether he will appeal.

And should that happen, Barrett — the prosecuting attorney — said: “I believe we will be successful and the verdict will stand.”

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