Cutting costs for college students

Spending Smarter: Cutting costs for college students

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Sending your college-aged child back to school can be three times as expensive as sending school-aged students into the classroom.

According to recent studies — parents spend nearly $1,400 to outfit their student for college. Most of that money is invested in electronics like laptops and tablets.

When you think about spending for college, however, most parents think tuition and textbooks. A huge way to cut back on costs for textbooks is to buy them second hand.

If you can avoid the campus bookstore, do it. Save by shopping at sites like Amazon Student or in places like your local secondhand bookstore.

You can also attempt to negotiate your tuition fees. The best way to do that is to show your college representative rates from comparable schools where you’ve been accepted and see if they are willing to match it. Chances are they will because many colleges are desperate to raise enrollment numbers and don’t want to lose a student over a few thousand dollars.

When it comes to buying for your college dorm room, bedding, home appliances, and supplies account for a large chunk of your back to college budget.

Check your home decor stores like At Home to see if they’re offering special savings for back to school season. Make sure you do a little research on your college dorm as well.

If your dorm has a common area with a coffee maker then there’s no need to buy one for your room.

Check to see if they have a ban on thinks like coffee makers or candles so you don’t waste money on them.

Also it might be worth your while to visit thrift stores or garage sales to see if you can score on some items on your list at next to nothing prices.

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