Ways to take advantage of Texas tax free weekend

Ways to take advantage of Texas tax free weekend

EAST TEXAS (KSLA) - When parents think of Back to School often times the first thing on their list is supplies or clothing — but stocking up on things your child needs throughout the entire school year could save you money — if you do it now.

This weekend is tax free weekend in the state of Texas. It runs from Friday, August 9th through Sunday, August 11th.

Items covered by the tax free weekend covers everything from sporting equipment to swim wear to ski gear.

There are some exemptions. Everything you purchase must be less than $100. Shipping and handling fees are also included so that means if you purchase a pair of shoes and the shipping puts it over $100 is won’t be tax free.

Layaway items are included in the exemption if you either pay it off or put items on layaway.

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