Sun City’s new wing promises to be a game changer

For three decade, students filtered in and out of aging “temporary” trailers

New wing promises to be a game changer at Sun City Elementary

BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) — A project three decades in the making for one Bossier City elementary school is now complete.

Sun City unveiled its new wing to an eager community Tuesday.

The sounds of drills still echo off the walls with the first day of school on the horizon.

"Oh, this is a really big deal."

Sun City Elementary has one big reason to celebrate the extra noise.

School officials unveiled their new 12,000-square-foot third-grade wing Tuesday.

“We were thrilled when we saw brick,” principal Kim Tuminello said.

“I can’t wait. I can’t wait to watch the kids’ faces and the parents as they walk in to see that Sun City has grown and we’ve moved up.”

Moved up is an understatement.

For three decade, Sun City Elementary students have filtered in and out of aging trailers that were supposed to be temporary.

“It wasn’t a good situation. We had a lot of animals coming under. We had skunks under our building," Tuminello recalled.

"And the internet didn’t always work, so they would be in the middle of a lesson and their internet would stop.”

The new wing creates 12 classrooms, including a spacious music room, two special education classrooms, an APE classroom and eight other classrooms.

"It's better for the students and teachers."

Jennifer Stewart and her soon-to-be third-grader Zachary think the new wing will enhance learning at Sun City Elementary.

“We’re very excited about it,” Stewart said. "The school has expanded so much. And it just gives them more room and the teachers more space to teach, and not have them all crammed into one little building.

With final touches being made on the new wing, Tuminello is easily the most excited for the big day Wednesday.

“As a principal, you want to leave behind something for the kids in the community that you did while you were there," she said.

"I think this was a big thing for me to say, ‘During my watch, we were able to get this nice wing for the community’.”

A nice wing soon to be packed with dreams to chase.

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