Sligo Water System’s struggles could go from bad to worse

It’s running at nearly double its capacity and now could lose its emergency backup water source — Bossier City

Sligo water system is on its own

BOSSIER PARISH, La. (KSLA) — South Bossier’s Sligo Water System has issues that soon could go from bad to worse.

That’s because it is running at nearly double its capacity and taxing the system.

And the system’s emergency backup water source — Bossier City — is about to end that arrangement.

That couldn’t come at a worse time - with hot conditions and school getting underway Wednesday in Bossier Parish.

The water is flowing for now at Michael Farris’ home in south Bossier Parish. But he and others among Sligo Water System’s 900 customers are worried.

“What good is a house if you can’t get water? What good is a house going to be to anybody if I can’t bathe my kids?”

Farris said his family has a lot riding on the financial commitment they have put into their dream home.

Bossier City leaders declined comment for this report but did send us a copy of a letter dated July 31 from Mayor Lorenz “Lo” Walker to Sligo Water System President Cheryl McIntyre.

The bottom line, the letter explains they need city water inspectors to do regular testing at the Sligo Water System.

Sligo’s response: “No.”

So the mayor's letter concluded, in part, quote:

“Regrettably, due to the potential liability issues...”

along with other matters, quote:

“... Bossier will be suspending the emergency water source to Sligo on August 7th.”

Sligo water customers, like Farris, are not happy about any of this.

“I think people who are managing these two organizations need to get out of their egos’ way. I think they need to put the residents first.”

Any long-term solution for Sligo Water System is adding to its three wells.

But operator Andy Freeman said they cannot find any owner of property within their range that will lease them any land for a well.

He added that they haven’t stopped looking just yet.

In just under two weeks, the Sligo Water System’s board will hold a public meeting to look for some solutions to their water troubles.

That meeting is set for 6 p.m. Aug. 19, a Monday, at Beulah Land Baptist Church in the 3100 block of Sligo Road.

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