Petition to add streetlights on Nicholson Drive near Tigerland gaining steam

Petition to add streetlights on Nicholson Drive near Tigerland gaining steam
Nikki Genova started a petition on to have streetlights put up near Tigerland to help improve safety for students. (Source:

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - There have been several complaints about the lack of lighting on Nicholson Drive. As recently as June, LSU student, Sarah James, was struck while walking back towards LSU’s campus from Tigerland.

The tragedy, along with other accidents on Nicholson Drive, inspired former LSU student, Nikki Genova, and a group of her friends to start a petition demanding action. Genova and the thousands of people who have signed her petition are asking for a light to be put up on Nicholson Drive at East Boyd Drive.

“I know that a bunch of my friends and I over the past have crossed Nicholson coming home from Tigerland,” Genova said. “So it’s really terrifying to think that this could have happened to any of us. It’s really heartbreaking to see these young people dying every year from not being seen on the street.”


There’s sort of a gray area on who’s responsible for adding streetlights. It’s a state highway, but a state representative told WAFB the city is responsible for lighting in that area. While it’s not technically LSU’s property, many of LSU’s students are the ones left vulnerable.

“It’s frustrating that they don’t put in more effort to keep students safe,” said Genova.

Fred Raiford, the transportation director for the city, says he’s looking into it.

“I’m asking to see what it would take to put one or two streetlights out there at the intersection,” Raiford said. “At this point, we do not intend to light the entire roadway.”

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