Easy ways to find deals on back to school shopping

Spending smarter: uniforms

(KSLA) - This time of year can put a strain on your pocket book with Back to School expenses.

One of the most expensive items on your kids list is school clothing. We’re researching ways to save you money when it comes to school outfits and uniforms.

One way to cut costs is to evaluate your inventory. Take a close look at what you already have in you child’s closet. If you have enough uniforms to make it through the first part of the school year you might consider waiting until the Christmas sales to restock your clothing collect.

Also, make your child try on each uniform or school outfit to see if it still fits that way you can keep a tally on how many outfits he or she can still wear for the year.

According to recent data, shoppers spend around $15 billion on clothing and uniforms.

Another way to trim that number if you’re looking to save money is to wait until area consignment stores kick off. Several kids’ consignment sales are expected to open by the end of August and first of September. A lot of parents consign their gently used uniforms and school clothing during these sales and most of it is in excellent condition.

Another good way to save is by signing up for text messages or emails from your favorite retailers. Places like JCPenney offer both services. You can sign up for a text alert and JCPenney will send you text messages with a link to coupons like $10 off a $25 purchase. Several places like Old Navy, Target, The Children’s Place and Kohl’s have these options for shoppers so they can take extra off their receipt at the register.

Shoppers can also download apps like ShopSavvy which allows you to search for a product with the best price in your area either at your area store or online. You scan a barcode on the product and it gives you that information.

The Pricegrabber app works about the same way as well. When you find a product you want you can compare prices and see if you can find that item cheaper somewhere else.

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