Graphic: Freak lawnmower accident slices open woman’s neck

The cut narrowly missed vital parts of her neck.

BRIDGEWATER, S.D. (KSFY/CNN/Gray News) – Kendra Jensen is OK after a freak lawnmower accident sliced open her neck.

Her husband Andy was mowing their lawn, when the mower kicked something up.

"I thought that I got hit by a rock. It felt like something hit me and then fell off me,” Jensen said. “That's when I realized I was bleeding … That's when I freaked out."

There was blood everywhere.

"She's going to bleed out in front of me, that was the very first thing that came to my mind,” Andy Jensen said.

He ran to his car and grabbed his trauma bag.

“I make fun of him all the time for having it,” Kendra Jensen said. “I’m like, “We’re never going to need that.'”

Andy Jensen packed the wound with gauze and waited for the ambulance to arrive to take her to the hospital where they patched his wife up.

The family still doesn’t know what hit her, but whatever it was just barely missed her carotid artery, trachea, and vocal cords.

After the incident, Kendra Jensen posted photos to Facebook to let loved ones know about it.

Her husband was mowing their lawn, when the mower kicked up something.
Her husband was mowing their lawn, when the mower kicked up something. (Source: Kendra Jensen/Facebook)

“My intent on posting what happened to me was to update my family and friends about it,” Jensen said.

But it’s reached a much wider audience.

The post has been shared more than 20,00 times and more than 10,000 people have left comments, including some people who have blamed her husband for her injuries.

“He didn't even know I was outside," she said.

By sharing it, the couple hopes their story will remind people that anything can happen in the blink of an eye. And that there’s a lesson to be learned.

"No one is definitely ever going to be outside again when I'm mowing," Andy Jensen pledged.

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