Air conditioning repair business booms during heatwave

Heat-related deaths have dropped by a whopping 80 percent in the past 60 years in this country

Air conditioning repair can be critical when the heat reaches dangerous levels

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - When people describe air conditioning as potentially the difference between life or death, that is no exaggeration.

Heat-related deaths have dropped by a whopping 80 percent in the past 60 years in this country; and that decline is credited largely to air conditioning, according to a recent study.

That’s why when the heat reaches dangerous levels, air conditioning repair can be critical.

In fact, keeping air conditioning running can become a very personal struggle.

Just ask Bossier City resident Carisa Taylor.

She said her mother, Darlene, suffered from a terminal illness and her air conditioning broke down last summer.

Taylor: “It was like 92 degrees in there.”

Reporter: “What were you thinking?”

Taylor: “Oh, my goodness. It was hotter than it was outside.”

She picked up the phone and called Eagle Air Conditioning and Home Repair.

Because Darlene could not pay, Eagle Air Conditioning replaced her unit at no cost.

Taylor recalled how that allowed her mother to spend her few final days at home, cool and comfortable.

"She was very blessed. She cried happy tears."

Carisa’s mom, Darlene, passed away Monday.

Eagle Air air-conditioning technician Matthew Lemeunier described the huge sense of responsibility they feel for all their customers.

“Absolutely, yes, yeah. And, by all means, we want to help. We want to get them going and provide them cool air in their home.”

On the bright side, Lemeunier said, it is a great feeling to see customers’ looks of relief when the cool air is back on in their homes.

“Oh, absolutely. And you feel good as a person, you know, fixing, getting them going again. And the relief, you know, they have and, it’s worthwhile. It is.”

Preventive maintenance is key to helping your air-conditioning unit last longer, and it helps lower your electricity bill, experts say.

That means keep it clean.

And it is not just residential and commercial customers calling these days, but also schools.

Eagle Air owner Jason Youngblood told us they are installing 23 air-conditioning units at Caddo Magnet High School in Shreveport ahead of the fast-approaching school year.

Many air conditioning repair and installation companies, like Eagle, can help those with financial challenges.

That can include financing with approved credit.

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