‘Abortion is Freedom’ billboards cause controversy in Waskom, city declared the act illegal

Two non-profits place pro-choice billboards in East Texas
Two non-profits place pro-choice billboards in East Texas
Published: Jul. 5, 2019 at 10:03 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 5, 2019 at 10:04 PM CDT
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WASKOM, Tx. (KSLA) - Two Austin based non-profits have put up back-to-back billboards on Interstate 20, to challenge Waskom City Council’s decision to ban abortions in the city.

The ‘Abortion is Freedom’ billboards are located near Waskom exit 635.

In June, the all men Waskom City Council voted unanimously to two Right to Life ordinances that bans all abortions in the city. The council then claimed that they were the first sanctuary city for the unborn in Texas.

Many people in Waskom supported the council’s decision.

“I’m proud of my town for standing up for what they believe in," Misty Collins says. "That’s on God’s values and that’s what our country is based on.”

Reproductive rights advocacy group Naral Pro-Choice Texas and the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity are the two non-profits responsible for the billboards.

The Lilith Fund helps people pay for abortions.

Naral Pro-Choice has not gotten back for comment but Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity sent this statement in response to the billboards.

“We put up the billboards in response to Waskom’s irresponsible resolution that attempted to “outlaw” abortion in the city. First and foremost, we were concerned that people in and around Waskom would be confused about their right to seek abortion care. We wanted people to know their rights and that abortion is still legal in Waskom and in every state. That’s why we are directing folks to needabortion.org, where they can find what they need to access an abortion. Second, we wanted to let everyone know that our work to make abortion accessible to everyone who needs one does not stop because of five men’s publicity stunt.”

Several people in Waskom are against the billboards placement at the Waskom exit.

“Nauseous, because I don’t think killing an unborn child is freedom," Kelli Simmons says. “Going to the store and buying a coke or beer is freedom, but killing an unborn child is not freedom to me.”

Waskom City Council declined to comment on the billboards.

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