Marshall High School band selling fireworks to raise funds to go to Disney World

The fireworks stand is selling fireworks from $1 to $800

East Texas high school band going to Orlando but needs help getting there

MARSHALL, Texas (KSLA) - Marshall High School band members have opened their second annual Big Red Pride Fireworks Stand to help fund their trip to Disney.

The band will head to Disney in May.

The stand is located off Highway 154 near the Marshall city line. For operating hours, please click here.

Bands director Mark Windham said the band will receive a portion of the sales that then will go to the boosters.

“The band boosters raise all kinds of funds to pay for the Disney trip, snacks, meal supplements and other essential things,” Windham said.

The band has seen a continuous membership growth over the past 10 years.

Windham attributes the trend to interest in traveling to places such as Disney.

The fireworks stand is selling fireworks from $1 to $800. They encourage people to support the stand or make a donation.

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