Shreveport church plants flags to honor gun violence victims

17 flags to represent this year's gun violence victims
17 flags to represent this year's gun violence victims
Updated: Jun. 29, 2019 at 5:23 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Planted in the front lawn of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church are 17 red flags to honor gun violence victims from the past year.

Young men planted the flags in the ground during the church’s monthly spiritual boot camp.

“We want these young men to understand how there’s always another way of handling confrontations than gun violence,” Pastor Brian Wilson says.

For the past year, the church has hosted the boot camps with the goal of changing lives through Christ and helping to guide young men.

The groups are divided into two groups based on ages.

Older men speak to each other about issues that concern them on a daily basis. The young men are taught responsibility and how to carry themselves in a respectful manner.

“Boot camp allows me to talk about any problems I’m having and know that what I say will stay at boot camp,” Maurice Gibbons says.

During the end of boot camp, the young men made their way to the church front lawn where they planted the 17 flags to honor victims.

For many of the young men, they say boot camp helps them grow and become examples to their communities.

“As a young person it helps us to get ready for the years that are coming and become prepared for it,” Jacob Wright says. “When we talk as a whole and hear how other people are going it helps us know that we are not alone.”

To learn more about spiritual boot camp contact the church directly at (318) 221-2629.

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