The Good Stuff: The EF-Triplets

A family of 8, including 4-year-old triplets, manage well after an EF-2 tornado

After a tornado, the EF triplets still are out there brewing up a storm

BOSSIER PARISH, La. (KSLA) - Last week’s EF-2 tornado northeast of Benton, Louisiana destroyed homes — but it didn’t destroy the spirit of three youngsters who live along Butler Hill Road: 4-year-old triplets Ruel, Finley and Ava.

"To imagine yourself being in it, and being thankful you're not, I don't even know how to describe the emotions," says married mother of 8, Lacie Grubbs.

None of the Grubbs’ family members were at home when the tornado touched down in north Bossier Parish. But their home is now uninhabitable after multiple trees fell through the roof.

The triplets are the youngest of the 6 Grubbs’ children.

The Grubbs family
The Grubbs family

“Even though they didn’t experience it first hand, being this is their first home, I thought they’ve been traumatized,” Lacie said.

She adds all three have done really well coming to terms that they're now forced to move out of the only home they've lived in.

Lacie and her husband Jason credit family and members of their church family with helping them get through the first few days, which has included packing up their belonging into a moving truck.

“We’ve had a lot of help and support with our church, Plain Dealing Church of Christ,” Lacie said.

One item Lacie picked up didn’t make it into the moving truck, but instead was placed inside a storage shed in her backyard — her for sale sign.

“I just thought, whats the point,” Lacie said, admitting they were considering selling their home and moving further south, closer to her family.

Without a home to sell, her realtor still found a way to helped, by watching the triplets one evening.

"She's been a great help."

After the tornado, the Grubbs’ backyard, at least to the kids estimations, resembled more of a 5-star adventure-land attraction.

The Grubbs' home the day after the June 19 EF-2 tornado
The Grubbs' home the day after the June 19 EF-2 tornado

"I want outside," pleads Ruel, peering out a window with his sisters.

“Maybe later,” Lacie said, worried more about the three being injured with all the downed trees on the property.

She would eventual relent, but only under her watchful eye, and the faith that everything would be OK.

“If you sit there and worry about the negative things, it’s just going to bring you further down,” Lacie said. "I’ve just always had that faith that God will take care of me.”

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