Putting Benny to work: A Taking Back Our Streets update on Benny Brown

Published: Jun. 18, 2019 at 11:13 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - It was a story that opened your hearts.

Moments after it aired, many KSLA News 12 viewers were emailing to help Benny Brown, a single father taking care of his 9-month-old daughter, Paris.

Both live in a local shelter until Benny can get on his feet.

Two weeks ago, we interviewed Benny about an upcoming Father’s Day 5K Run and Walk and how the event will highlight fathers in the area.

During that interview, Benny mentioned how much he needs a job. He had been looking with no luck.

Right after the story aired, KSLA News 12 viewers emailed by the dozens.

We presented those emails to Benny when we caught up with him.

More than 30 solid job opportunities and two opportunities for housing.

“I appreciate everyone looking out for me. I won’t let you down or whoever gives me a job,” Benny responded.

Alex Ray organized the area’s first Father’s Day 5K Run/Walk and handpicked Benny for our interview. He was shocked at the generosity of people willing to help.

“With the jobs and people reaching out for Benny, I am just blown away for it . And I just know it will bring impact. And I can’t wait to see the future for him.”

We also caught up with Marlos Pouncy, a single father of two sons. He says he wishes he had more opportunities to see one of his sons.

Alex was able to put Marlos in touch with a local family attorney who plans to help him.

“I want to be in my child’s life. I really do. I really needed the assistance to help try and keep my child, and I didn’t know which way to go.”

Oasis Outreach also helped to sponsor the event.

The organization presented Benny and Marlos $500 each to help with their situations.

Alex’s response: " I was very shocked because, to be honest, before I even put this event together I wanted to highlight fathers. And, at the same time, I wanted to give hope and change lives. And for this event, that’s what it did; it gave hope and changed lives for them."

Alex says he is looking to create more impactful events for the community. He also is a mental health specialist who has written “The Push Swinger - Getting Pushed Into Your Purpose”. The book talks about ways to heal the community by addressing mental health issues. It is available on Amazon.

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