Maranda at Work: Strawn’s Eat Shop

Maranda at Work: Strawn’s Eat Shop

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) -There aren’t too many places in Shreveport that have stuck around for 75 years — but Strawn’s Eat Shop in Shreveport has defied those odds.

The year was 1944 when Mr. Strawn opened Strawn’s Eat Shop across from Centenary College. He later sold the restaurant to Gus Alexander in 1958.

“I’m only 39 years old so I guess if you doubled my age that would be as old as Strawns is,” said owner Wes Gauthier.

As the restaurant’s success grew Wes’s father Buddy and their mother Nancy purchased the restaurant in 1988. While Wes isn’t as old as Strawn’s the memories this place holds are as fresh as the food they dish out.

“We’d go eat here," he said. "Get a hamburger before (a) Centenary basketball game, and go over to the gold dome and watch them play.”

But now if you visit the original location, you’ll see Wes running things — as he has been for the last ten years.

Strawn’s is home to many things: Its home cooked food, and even a few star-studded murals across the walls. However, its signature is the ice box pie and one of the restaurant’s legends is still making it all happen.

Barbara Douglas or Mrs. Barbara to many, has been making the restaurant’s signature pies for over 20 years.

“(Its) the love that you put into them," she said. “I would tell anybody that I enjoy making the pies."

While she does have help, Mrs. Barbara makes everything from the cream based filling to the whipped cream from scratch.

While its rare to find a local business survive the test of time, its even more rare to find employees still wanting to work there.

“She’s amazing," said Wes. "I don’t know what life is like without her.”

But for a woman who’s in the kitchen cooking by 4:30 in the morning — her job is something she looks forward to everyday.

“Each day I will say is different," she said. "You never have the same day twice. Nothing is going to remain the same and if you keep that in mind then nothing could keep you from coming if that’s what you enjoy doing.”

Seventy-five years might seem long to most, but at Strawn’s its just the beginning.

If you can’t make it to the original location on Kings Highway for a pie, you can always visit their other location in Shreveport on Youree Drive and the one in Bossier City on Airline Drive.

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