ArkLaTex Walmart associate’s son benefits from CMN campaign

Your nickels, dimes and quarters can help ArkLaTex families whose children face physical challenges

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Monday marks the start for Walmart and Sam’s Clubs across the country as each location collects for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals campaign where customers are asked for extra change so they can give kids the extra medical attention they need.

You, Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Washington can help keep a child healthy

Walmart and Sam’s Club has raised more than $1 billion for Children’s Miracle Network over the last 30 years.

In Northwest Louisiana that money has helped families like Kim and James Johnson — their son Ky’yon was born 15 weeks early.

“They had to do an emergency c-section,” Kim Johnson said. “He had a small hole in his heart when he was born.”

ArkLaTex CMN kids face of this year's campaign

Ky’yon spent the first few months of his life inside the NICU. His parents noticed once he came home that he wasn’t processing things like a typical toddler.

“He was a little behind," Kim Johnson said. "That’s when they referred him to CHRISTUS Kids Clinic.”

How CMN donations go towards therapies for Kids Clinic

James Johnson said he could remember how his son would only point when he wanted things and wasn’t able to identify what he wanted. Over the past three years the young boy has learned to ask for what he wants and also interpret different textures and sounds allowing him to hit milestone after milestone due to therapy.

“His speech. His words. His vocabulary," James Johnson said. "He can actually make full sentences.”

James credits a lot of his son’s success to his customers at Walmart — he has been an associate at the company for the last 22 years.

Donations at Walmart benefit ArkLaTex CMN kids

During that time frame, James has helped raise donations for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals not realizing all that hard work would one day help afford his son therapy.

“I never imagined it," he said. "It’s always been a big push but once I started coming here it’s been more of a got to get it done. We’ve got to do this because I know where it’s going.”

The retailers campaign continues through June.

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