Texas legalizes use of clubs, brass knuckles for self-defense

The law goes into effect Sept. 1 and comes a half dozen years after the state began allowing the use of switchblade knives

Clubs, brass knuckles soon to join switchblades as hand weapons allowed in Texas

MARSHALL, Texas (KSLA) - Texas is lifting its ban on clubs, brass knuckles and Kat Keychains as weapons allowed for self-defense.

Gov. Gregg Abott signed House Bill 466 into law over the Memorial Day weekend. It goes into effect Sept. 1.

Rep. Joe Moody, who authored the legislation, said too many people are being charged with a crime for owning the self-defense tool, according to Texas Standard.

Grandmaster Raymond Fogg, of East Texas Kung Fu Exchange in Marshall, Texas, supports the legislation but wants people who use the weapons to learn how to do so properly.

“I think that they should be trained because with any weapon you still can get scared," said Fogg, who has spent the past 52 years learning and teaching self-defense. “You can end up losing the weapon and have it used against yourself.”

Some people in Texas gave mixed responses on whether they support House Bill 466.

""I think it can be a good thing; you got so many people doing random acts," Ryelee Johnson said. “If you can walk around with guns, you might as well walk around with brass knuckles.”

Stacey Hudson said: “I think that is a pretty bad decision, a pretty bad choice of giving someone the authority to walk around with a deadly weapon. I mean, you hit someone the wrong way, you can kill them.”

Regardless of what type of weapon is used for self-defense, Fogg encourages people to seek professional training.

Call East Texas Kung Fu Exchange at (903) 930-1924 to learn more.

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