City Councilman wins award named in honor of late mother

Shreveport Councilman Jerry Bowman Jr. earns community award named in honor of his late mother

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - On Thursday, Shreveport City Councilman Jerry Bowman, Jr. was honored with a very special — and personal award.

The Bill Cockrell Community Center held its annual community awards and honored Councilman Bowman with the Joyce Bowman award, named after his late mother.

“It’s very important for the community here, to let them know this is a beautiful park,” said Dottie Bell. "Why it was done because Mr. Cockrell made sure that we had a park and recreation center here and that’s one reason why we’re doing it and plus, it brings our community together every year.

The Late Joyce Bowman was a passionate voice on the Shreveport City Council and Caddo Parish Commission for several years.

She passed away in 2013 following her battle with cancer.

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