Newborn struck in head as Florida man live streamed crimes in Walgreens, police say

Florida man live streams crime, hits baby in head, police say

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (Gray News) - Police in Largo say Ryan Greenlee just wanted some beef jerky when he walked inside a Walgreens Wednesday.

When he couldn’t afford them, things got chaotic and a newborn ended up getting hit in the head with a box. Greenlee wound up in the healthcare wing of the Pinellas County Jail, facing charges for child abuse, resisting arrest and battery.

Investigators said the entire ordeal was streamed live to the suspect’s Facebook page.

Police said the video shows Greenlee walk into the store taunting the camera with his money. When it became obvious he didn’t have enough for the two packs of beef jerky he’d picked up, store employees asked him to leave.

Officers said Greenlee became belligerent and started throwing things from the counter, including the box that hit the baby in the head.

“I was just so angry that I didn’t even cry,” the mother told WFTS. “I was just trying to be as levelheaded as I could.”

The video captures the baby’s crying, but it doesn’t show the child being struck with the box.

A male employee tried to intervene, but Greenlee struck him as well, police said.

He left the store and ran back to the car he arrived in, where a friend was sitting in the passenger’s seat, police said. The friend told him he took things too far.

"I didn't do nothing, all I wanted to do is go to the store, bro," Greenlee replied in the live stream, according to police.

Officers eventually arrested him.

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